Welcome to our WISH PRINCE family!


We are so happy that you have decided to join us and take this grand adventure

to make your dreams come true!


On this website you will find free downloads, songs and ideas to accompany the tools offered in our book,

to keep you inspired along the journey, working with your DREAM TEAM to reach your goals.


Wishing you great success in the support of your loved ones.


Your faithful "Empress & King",

Janet & Marc


Let_s Live our Dreams.mp3
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The Song of the


Sheet Music

to play and sing along!

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Valentin Eblenkamp

Valentin performs the role of "The Wish Prince" in our musical.

Listen and enjoy his own version where he sings and plays the guitar.

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Inside the WISH PRINCE book we give parents and children 5 simple steps to follow each day

to build a D R E A M  T E A M and develop the mindset and skills to achieve their dreams.


Feel free to download the "5 Crown Steps" here to use at home:

The 5 Crown Steps.pdf
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The ABC´s of


Let´s learn how to live our dreams by practicing the great qualities

we find in the animals and creatures of our incredible planet.


It´s as easy as ABC!

A  is for "ACTION" = ANT


The AMAZING ANT is one of the most unique creatures on this earth.


Tinier than the tip of your pinky finger, the ANT can still do amazing things, even though it´s small.


The ANT does not know the word


But what CAN the ANT do?


Well, the ANT never gives up.

The ANT is full of action, throughout the long day. It never stops.

It always knows where it is going and it is headed there fast. If you put a stone in front of the ant, it will not stop.

It will just try to go around the stone. If it can't go around it do you know what it does? It tries to climb over it!

if it can't do that, the ant will go get some friends to help, and then uses its friend's backs to climb right over that stone. If it can't climb over the stone, it will begin to dig underneath the stone and if THAT doesn't work?

That ant will even start to eat through that stone to get to where it wants to go.


ANTs never give up. And that is why they are our 1st inspiration for living your dream.




Just keep moving forward each and every day until you get to where you want to go.

(Please feel free to print out the black and white drawing below

of our ABC Dream "ANT" for your child to color)

The amazing ANT.png
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B  is for "BRAVERY" = BEAR


The BRAVE BEAR is one of the most "courageous" creatures on this earth.


Born with a strong will to thrive, the BEAR is ready and willing

to try things that most animals, even bigger ones, would never dare!


The truth is that a BEAR, like some of us, is actually very shy.

But when a BEAR wants sonething, it will stop at nothing to get it!

A BEAR will crawl out onto a limb over a raging river to catch a fish

or venture out onto a mountainside cliff for fresh berries.

A bear will hunt the forest in the dark at night, dig through unknown caves

or bury his face in a bee´s nest to get its sweet honey. A BEAR tries to

avoid humans at all cost, but it will even go into places where people are,

like into a park or campground, to find food for its family.


Baby BEAR cubs are very curious, playful and always prepared to take on a new adventure.

A fully grown BEAR guarding its home will fight off a pack of wolves, mountain lions

or even a giant moose!


Bravest of all are the BEAR mothers. They are especially brave

when protecting their children:

They will defend them with their life and do anything to keep them safe.

This is why bears are our second inspiration to live your dream.


We must practice being brave, even when we are shy and scared,

and try things we have never tried before.




Just keep moving forward each and every day until you find what you are looking for.

(Please feel free to print out the black and white drawing below

of our ABC Dream "BEAR" for your child to color)

The Brave BEAR.png
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The CLEVER CHAMELEON is one of the most flexible creatures on this earth.


It belongs to an unusual group of lizards from the "Old World", which means that

it has been around for a very, very long time - over 20 million years!


The CHAMELEON is made for climbing and bug hunting. It has extraordinary

feet with super long-extending toes that grip onto branches, allowing it to sit very

still, even in the wind and gently sway backwards and forwards while waiting for

food. Its eyes can move completely independently from each other in all

directions until it spots its lunch. It has one of the longest tongues in the animal

kingdom, so when it spots some nice food, the tongue rolls out of its mouth and

snaps back, catching almost everything it wants to eat,

that just so happens to be flying by!


But what makes the CHAMELEON extra special is its ability to change the color

and pattern of its skin, depending on its mood or its plan or goal. The skin has

tiny crystals inside that help the CHAMELEON to turn any color combination of

pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, brown, light blue, yellow, turquoise or

purple. So, if the CHAMELEON wants to hide, it turns itself into the color of its

surroundings so no one will see it! If it is angry or wants to be noticed its colors

turn brighter and if it feels afraid its colors turn darker. It can even show

more than one color at a time, if it feels like sharing two feelings at once!


This is why the CHAMELEONS are our 3rd inspiration for you to help you live your

dream. We must be able to change our colors - our moods or our plans - when

something we are trying is not working out as well as it could. It is important not

to get discouraged, instead to try something new and not be bothered if we

have to change a bit. This will help us grow and learn.


Keep a colorful, good, positive attitude! Just be flexible and willing to change

course with each step along the way to your goal and don´t be afraid to share

how you are feeling. If you do so, you will find friends and family who understand,

and then you will enjoy your changing path much more!

(Please feel free to print out the black and white drawing below

of our ABC Dream "CHAMELEON" for your child to color)

JPG Bild 127.2 KB

Please visit us again here, soon, for our fourth creature and the letter D.




Photos by Peter Samer


As the "Empress & the King", together with our "Swan Knight" and the "Chalice of Dreams" we visit elementary schools with the aim of inspiring and encouraging children to live their dreams.


Everyone has dreams, both big and small.

Having and fulfilling dreams is one of the most essential forces in our life.


However, not everyone has the right "tools" to clearly recognize these dreams, to implement them and to live them to the fullest. We would like to make our main message "Let´s live our dreams" come alive for young and old, giving families and children the opportunity to share their deepest hopes, wishes and dreams and to find steps together to make these dreams come true.


Thanks to our generous audiences and sponsors we have been able to start this school project.

There is absolutely no cost to the schools and families.

The organisation for the visit is managed by our team.

It is our way of giving forward to our community.


If you want to help inspire children and families to live their dreams together, you can support the project by sponsoring some books for our next school visit. Any size donation is welcome.



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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

We would like to give our sincere thanks to special members of our

D R E A M  T E A M:


Nic Raine and Michael Pflumm, our trusted "Knights of the Notes".

Nic composed and arranged the beautiful song

and Michael created the lovely sheet music for you.

Thank you, Nic & Michael!


Thank you, to our dear friend and fellow "Count of Color"

Thomas Buchbauer for these amazing animal drawings!